Every tahitian home has a bottle of mōno’i. In our Islands, it is not only an oil that you bring with you at the beach.  Get to know its qualities.

Departure from hotel or ferry in Moorea
Between 8:30 and 9:00
Duration 3h00
Transfer included
Introduction to the preparation of monoï
Meet a traditionnal masseuse
Visit Royal Tahiti noni factory

Price : 5.000 F / person

Bring your mosquito repellent



Monoi is a traditional scented oil from the Pacific Islands. Nourishing by excellence, it is ideal for skin and hair.

It is used daily by the entire family. Moms love to massage babies and young children after a bath to keep them warm and soften their skin.
Monoi is also used in traditionnal medecine. When we add some other plants, it becomes an ointment used in external care, in massage or remedies applied to the skin. These traditional  receipes are so passed on in families from generation to generation,

During this workshop you will learn how to prepare it and come back home with a sample of home made monoi and its beauty tips.


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